Surface Treatment Technology Centre


In out Surface Treatment Technology Centre different kind of metallurgical and corrosion resistance testing is taking place. A unique facility that distinguish itself from competition by the practical approach and experience from practice. No theoretical stories. A broad range of test equipment and facilities are available for metallurgical investigation.

Corrosion-/ metallurgic research

Our laboratory has long-time experience in the area of corrosion– and metallurgic research. One of our most important activities is advising regarding development and testing of new production systems.

Corrosion testing is done mainly to compare different production systems or to determine differences in corrosion- protective properties. With a research report, illustrated with scientific figures and data the customer possesses a very useful tool to fight competition.

Microscopic investigation

In our modern equipped metallurgical laboratory several metallurgical activities are carried out:
  • Preparation of sleeve with metal and painted of powder coating layers
  • Preparation of sleeves with anodizing layers
  • Digital photography of coating layers
  • Polishing and preparation of samples
  • Vickers hardness
  • Taber abrasive testing


In case of damage or disputes with clients or suppliers we give an independent advice. As independent laboratory we can act as a mediator, investigate the cause of the problems and give advice in order to come to a final solution.