Research & Development

Research Services


In our Research & Development (R&D) department a huge experience is available, carefully build up during many years, in preparing and operating test programs. A broad range of test equipment and facilities are available for testing on lab scale, pilot scale and even full scale on location is possible with use of mobile units. All tests can be supported by our well equipped laboratory.

Research and Development

R&D can be carried out at the STTC or on location. Every necessary equipment is available, no matter what kind of problem has to be solved (from laboratory tests and analysis tillcomplete test units). With help of our computer (simulation) models all kind scaling investigations can carried out. We can offer you: facilities, know-how and skilled people.

Research Systems

  • Test configuration for micro filtration
  • Test configuration for ion exchange
  • for treatment of process bathes and waste water
  • Test units for all kind of filtration applications
  • Galvanizing line with 1m3 zinc kettle
  • Filter press systems
  • RO-systems
  • Other equipment
  • Test line for powder coating


The R&D facilities within the WTN- group has impressive reference list:
  • Daimler, Germany
  • Bekeart, Belgium and Czech Republic
  • European community
  • Dutch Government project
  • Philips, Netherland
  • Different Galvanizer